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Posted On March - 20 - 2017 Comments Off on Best Healthy Foods to Have in the Kitchen

Since we lead busier, faster lives that require multitasking and handling several problems at once in order to stay ahead, most of us tend to put eating healthy and regularly on a lower level of importance, while relying on junk food and other supermarket TV dinners. But this kind of lifestyle cannot go on forever without having consequences over our physical and mental health; a body that is not properly fed will not only react in the physical sense, with organs failing or getting damaged, but our brains will no longer function at maximum capacity either; in case you didn’t know, the brain eats too; it needs calories in order to come up with appropriate responses.

Get Healthy!

If you recognize yourself in that description, then it’s time to make a change; stop making excuses, and make the time to cook well for you and your family. If you get organized and focus on this for a while, you can create a cooking routine, find a few basic recipes that are tasty and easy to cook, and a change for the better will appear soon. In order to help you make this change, we are going to tell you which foods should always be in your pantry or refrigerator; these foods are healthy, easy to cook with, and will give you the energy to get through any day.

Get Your Sugar from Fruit

Let’s start with the fruit; if you’re also on a diet, you may want to replace sweets with fruits, to at least get your sugar from a healthy source. The best fruit for anything, ever, is the apple; it lasts a long time in the pantry, it contains numerous vitamins, and even minerals that protect your bones; and if you don’t like them fresh, you can always bake an apple pie to die for. Blueberries are also very healthy, and berries in general contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants that help prevent a number of diseases. It is true that they are a bit expensive, especially when out of season, or if they don’t grow in your area, but you can make the effort twice a month to consume them. Otherwise, all fruits are good to consume all the time, but seasonal fruits will always be more filled with vitamins.

Oranges and tomatoes are two more types of foods which you can consume on a daily basis for a general improvement of your health. Tomatoes prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and can be consumed in a variety of delicious ways. As for oranges, they contain the much-popular Vitamin C, and have properties that control your cholesterol and keep a healthy heart.

What to Eat on a Daily Basis

Leafy greens of any kind are also important for a healthy lifestyle; from spinach to broccoli, these veggies contain a bundle of vitamins which fight against diabetes, arthritis and protect your bones. Getting your calcium from milk is also something to keep your eye on; consuming one simple yoghurt a day helps keep your digestive tract functional, and replenishes the healthy bacteria you need in your stomach. But you should never eliminate meat from your diet, either; fish is the best option you have, even though vegans don’t consider it meat. Wild salmon, though expensive and perhaps difficult to acquire, will be a perfect source for omega-3; avoid farm salmon because it can have bad genetics and could have been treated with antibiotics. Get wild fish in general if and when you can, and your body will be grateful.

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