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Posted On August - 12 - 2017 Comments Off on Five Appliances That May Change Your Day

In this day and age, people who still enjoy spending time in the kitchen are scarce; our dynamic and rushed lifestyles have changed the way we think about food, and we are rarely in the disposition to spend hours in the kitchen for a single recipe, no matter how delicious. Because our lives are rushed and busy, cooking is no longer a priority, especially since you can order in, purchase microwave dinners and instant soups, or just make a sandwich. But living like that every day is not healthy, and the effects will become visible when we least expect them.

That being said, we must do our best to eat things we cook as often as possible, because it is always healthier, more nutritious, and with a bit of skill, even more delicious. And since technology is on our side, we don’t have to worry about time or acquiring certain skills. Here are five appliances that we don’t often think about, but which can change our lifestyles and bring multiple benefits.

The Bread Machine

For most people, there was never a chance to bake or eat home-made bread; we see it as something archaic and unnecessary, especially since the supermarket provides us with so many options. But store-bought bread is never as healthy as they’d make you believe: it contains ingredients that make it big and puffy, yet a home-made bread contains more flour and is more nutritious. Although you can bake bread in the oven as well, a bread machine will create perfect conditions and allow you to bake the most delicious bread you’ve ever tasted, not to mention it will last more than store bread.

The Electric Egg Cooker

It may seem strange to some of you, but not everyone can cook an egg; whether you have to boil it, poach it, fry or scramble it, the egg can be a mysterious force. With the electric egg cooker, you can make certain the eggs are cooked exactly as you like them: soft or hard boiled, just perfect. With it, you can have a good breakfast every morning that prepares itself while you dress for work.

The Crockpot/ The Pressure Cooker

Another wonder of kitchen technology, the crockpot is ideal for those who work long hours or simply can’t spare time for cooking. Thus, while you’re at work, the crockpot is slowly preparing your dinner. There is a wide variety of recipes for crockpots, and you can cook delicious meals with meat and vegetables; because they are cooked slowly, over the course of many hours, the foods preserve their taste and nutrients, and provide dishes that can be consumed a few days in a row. At the opposite end, the pressure cooker helps you cook real meals faster than usual; it can make soups, risottos, stews and a whole bunch of other dishes in under an hour. Whichever one you choose, you definitely save a lot of time while still managing to feed your family healthy food.

The Electric Teapot

This appliance is great because it boils water very fast; they may call it a teapot, but you can use the hot water to make instant coffee, to cook, or for whatever other reasons you need hot water fast. Easy to use and quick to boil, the electric teapot is another great appliance that can transform your breakfast habits.

As you can see, appliances make our lives much easier, but you also have to stop and think which of them you will really use, otherwise you’re just cluttering the kitchen unnecessarily and making useless expenses. All in all, you can to choose those that can really improve your life by encouraging you to eat healthier at home.

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