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Posted On February - 10 - 2017 Comments Off on How to Rid Your Kitchen of Persistent Fish Odors

Being a talented cook involves spending lots of time in the kitchen, which is why you might have to bear some awful odors from time to time. Most people complain about bad fish odors that don’t seem to go away after cooking. Since eating fish is highly recommended by doctors, you shouldn’t remove this healthy food from your diet just because of the way it smells. Furthermore, there are many solutions for rid bad odors, so here are some tricks that might work in your case, too.

Remove the source of smell

Due to the heat that the fish is exposed to when cooked, it releases more odors than before, so one of the best ideas to rid the persistent smell is to soak it in a bowl with milk for at least a half an hour before cooking it. If you live in a small apartment, you will find this trick very convenient, especially if your place has a poor ventilation. Another solution for this problem is to use an air purifier to clean the air and eliminate all these inconveniences. Besides allowing you to breathe fresh air, an air purifier can also trap dangerous air pollutants like bacteria, germs, dust, pet dander and other allergens that usually cause lots of discomfort. Check out the best air purifiers on When browsing the reviews, make sure to pick a unit suitable for the eliminating food odors as different filtration technologies deal with different air pollutants.

Make coffee

You will be surprised to come home the-day-after cooking fish and discover that the entire place continues to have a specific smell. According to those who used to have the same problem, grinding coffee from whole beans will cover up the smell, allowing you to enjoy a delicious aroma instead of the distinctive smell of fish. If you don’t have a coffee maker that comes with an option for grinding, we advise you to buy one, because that will also allow you to get delicious coffee with a tasty flavor.

Use vinegar

Put out a small jar of white vinegar after cooking fish. Keep in mind to wash the dishes and the cutting boards where you prepared the fish to eliminate all sources of smell. If you are asking yourself how you are going to get rid of the vinegar smell, you have no reasons to worry, because the odor will disappear by itself in just a few minutes.

Buy “kitchen” candles

There are many stores who sell candles specifically made to eliminate kitchen odors. Lighting a vanilla-scented candle will help you reduce bad smells, including persistent fish odors, so use this trick to eat dinner while enjoying a nice fragrance. After all, we are confident that you would prefer your clothes to smell like vanilla rather than fish.

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