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Posted On September - 23 - 2017 Comments Off on Nifty Ideas to Declutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house, and it is where a lot of activities happen; as a result, it can become overly cluttered with various objects, furniture, appliances and even decorations. But since it has to be a practical and functional space, we must give our best to keep it organized and clutter-free. This will not only help to make tasks in the kitchen easier to accomplish, but it will also confer a more decorous appearance, thus making the room more inviting. In what follows we are going to give you a few tips that help de-clutter your kitchen, all while making it appealing and pleasant to spend time in.

One of the main problems with most kitchens is making efficient use of the cabinetry; most kitchens come with these big cabinets and shelves, which just encourage a mess of pots and pans to bulk up. Thus, whenever you need to find something, you have to go through a number of other objects and “disturb” the mess that is already there. Another problem is that these tall cabinets cannot be used all the way up; on that note, if you are now planning your kitchen furniture, make sure you know what each cabinet will be used for, so you can prepare it accordingly.

Get Practical

As you can see in the pictures here, a cabinet can also be transformed even after the kitchen is finished. You can purchase easy to install racks for lower cabinets, some which are even fitted with mechanisms that allow for pulling out. That way, you don’t have to shove yourself deep inside cabinets to find that one pot you need, you can just pull the rack you need and find what you were looking for much easier. You can also built vertical shelves, like the one here, and hang pots and pans on them; this is really an amazing space-saver, not to mention it organizes your stuff in such an effective way!

Hang’ Em High

Another good tip on saving space and avoiding the clutter that pots and pans make is to build them a rack on the ceiling, and have them hang there, preferably over the kitchen island. This not only looks homey and inviting, but it saves you loads of trouble. Yet the kitchen can also be cluttered by unnecessary appliances and decorating items. Once you start your kitchen’s makeover, think about the appliances you’ve no longer used or need; if they still function, you can sell or give them away, just to create more space on your counter. Decoration is also important in a kitchen, but functionality surpasses it; as such, you don’t need three sets of salt shakers, numerous collections of cups or glasses, or whatever paraphernalia you’ve gathered over the years. It may be hard to give up on certain sentimental items, but you must be ruthless is you want to see a real change.

Be Shelf-ish!

Create shelves on the walls, or special stations where you can place small items that don’t precisely belong somewhere; it is important that you have a special condiments rack, as it will make it easier when cooking and will definitely eliminate a large part of the clutter problem. Moreover, it helps you keep track of whatever spices you own, makes it easier to tell when some are no longer good or when you need to purchase new ones, and it is more inviting when cooking, inspiring you to try novel things in the kitchen. This is a good beginning to start redecorating your kitchen and giving it a new, better and more functional appearance.

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