9 The inspiration of the Current Beverage Business

9 The inspiration of the Current Beverage Business

Need inspiration about potential and current business ideas? Then you can consider the beverage business which lately is becoming trending. Everyone certainly needs to eat and drink, the fulfillment of drinking needs tends to be more frequent. Given the intake of fluids in the body is ideally in very large quantities.

The inspiration of the Cold Drink Based Business Today

There is no loss in running a beverage-based business, especially cold drinks. However, because competitors are not small, try to arrange business ideas creatively. For example, running a beverage business that is trending, here are examples:

1. Bubble Drink

Taiwan is the country of origin of this contemporary drink, and indeed it is very suitable for the tastes of the people of Indonesia. This one drink is a blend of milk with tea which is then mixed with tapioca pearl. Namely, the springy spheres called pearls and use tapioca flour. As a result, this drink is not only fresh and quench your thirst but can overcome hunger.

2. Thai Tea

Everyone is guaranteed to know and even become a fan of the current drink called Thai Tea. Thai tea has even become the choice for franchise businesses so that there are quite a lot of brands carrying Thai drinks. Judging from the taste is also delicious especially if you add an abundance of ice cubes, guaranteed thirst instantly disappears.

Thai Tea remains a potential beverage business because it tastes quite safe on people’s tongues. At the same time, the price is affordable, while the capital to the manufacturing process is also easy. Especially if you take the Thai Tea franchise, you only need to hold a booth.

3. Cappuccino Grass Jelly

No less popular with Thai tea, a modern drink called Cappucino grass jelly also has many fans. This is the reason why many people choose it as a business commodity. This drink comes from a combination of coffee and milk and then given flavorings such as vanilla, chocolate, and so forth. Small grass jelly slices also make this drink more delicious and filling.

4. Tea Tarik

Everyone is also guaranteed to have tasted the freshness of the cold pull tea which is also very popular in the country. This drink is made from steeping black tea mixed with milk. The uniqueness lies in the taste and manufacturing process, namely bypassing the tea from one container to another until the milk is mixed evenly with tea.

5. Thai Mango

One more recent drink that is suitable to be the object of the beverage business. Some time ago this drink was booming on Instagram and became the object of many people’s photos. The prospects are also pretty good because it tastes good, and there’s no need to hesitate to try to sell it. Because celebrity classmate Ravi Ahmad also peddles this Thai drink.

6. Cheese Tea

Cold drinks from tea are never-ending to be explored into new drinks. Not only made into cheese tea or maybe, tea can also be processed into a tea which is very famous among millennials. This one drink would be the right choice to be sold, not complicated and even a quick return of capital.

7. Smoothies

Healthy living seems to be the trend lately, and if interested in running a beverage business. Consider selling healthy drinks, one of which is smoothies. Ie, processed fruits and vegetables by blending using a blender. When added to the ice cube is guaranteed to refresh the throat and gives the sensation of being full.

8. Iced Coffee

Many people become loyal fans of coffee, and many are willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy it in a famous cafe. Running a business selling coffee drinks is certainly a good idea. Because the prospect is brightly seen from coffee lovers who are very many and touch all circles.

Selling drinks is a brilliant idea to start a business, this business is fairly easy to run so it is suitable for beginners. Increasing the chances of success please run a beverage business today, and some of the options already mentioned above.