Best Japanese Style Salmon Dishes, Which Is Your Favorite?

Salmon is one of the favorite ingredients of many people’s dishes. How could I not, besides delicious taste and soft texture, salmon also has many benefits for the health of the body. The Omega-6 fatty acids it contains are substantial, containing collagen and protein to help maintain skin elasticity and bone health. Not only that, salmon is also beneficial for the development of the little one’s brain, so it is often used as a complementary food menu by parents.

One country that often makes salmon as a food ingredient is Japan. This country can digest salmon in various ways so that the resulting taste is delicious and varied. Starting from classic dishes, to very unique ones, Japanese culinary experts never seem to stop innovating with salmon. Come on, take a peek at 5 of them through the discussion below!

Nigiri Salmon

You must have often heard of this dish, right? Salmon Nigiri is classic sushi topped with rice and sliced raw salmon. Just dip this dish in a little soy sauce for a fresh and delicious sensation. Yummy!

Aburi Salmon

For those of you who don’t like raw salmon, you can try Salmon Aburi. The composition is the same as Salmon Nigiri, but the difference is the process of ripening the salmon meat by burning it using a torch before serving. You can dip it in soy sauce or add mayonnaise to enjoy tastier Salmon Aburi.

Salmon Teriyaki

If the portion of sushi feels unsatisfactory for you, Teriyaki Salmon can be an option to enjoy this one fish. The combination of salty, sweet and savory flavors from the teriyaki sauce blends with the soft and melt-in-the-mouth salmon meat. You can eat Salmon Teriyaki with Japanese fluffier white rice, or add French fries for a steak-style presentation.

Chirashizushi salmon

Want to eat sushi with a rice bowl style look? You can try Salmon Chirashizushi, Clozetters. Chirashizushi itself means ‘spread sushi’, or you could say it’s not arranged like sushi in general. This dish is made from sushi rice, fresh salmon, and tobiko or flying fish roe on top. Not only using raw salmon, you can also experience chirashizushi which includes smoked salmon or steamed salmon.

Saiko Miso Grilled Salmon

Another quite unique processed salmon, is Saiko Miso Grilled Salmon. Before grilling, the salmon is marinated first with a mixture of miso, mirin, and sugar. This dish is usually served with white rice, asparagus, and a combination of vegetables as a side dish.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon is often served raw or in Japanese-style sashimi. Eating raw fish has become a custom in many countries and cultures. How to eat it by dipping a little salmon sashimi in soy sauce to make it more delicious and melt in the mouth. When you eat salmon, make sure the fish is fresh and freshly caught. Here are some ways you can try to determine the freshness of raw salmon:

  • Hold the salmon to your nose, then inhale the smell. If the smell of salmon is not fishy or salty, then the salmon is no longer fresh.
  • The fresh salmon sashimi looks sparkling.
  • The color of the salmon flesh is bright and fresh, not pale.
  • Skewer the salmon meat a little, if it can return to its original shape, until the meat is fresh.

Makki Salmon

Salmon Maki sushi is a simple and delicious example of sushi. It contains salmon and fresh vegetables wrapped in crunchy seaweed. Vegetables, fruit, or meat filled in it depends on individual preferences. Maki itself has various other variants such as hosomaki, futomaki, saiku-maki, and temaki.

Salmon Mentai Rice

Mentai salmon is a mixed dish between rice topped with pieces of salmon, after which it is doused with mentai sauce. The dish is generally baked using a blow torch. There’s no need to doubt it!

That’s Japanese-style processed salmon which is quite famous. Which one is your favourite